elise widlund

Elise Widlund

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Elise grew up in New Jersey and returned there to raise her family of three children and help manage the family business. Prior to 1995, photography was limited to the snapshots to document the growth and activities of the family. With the transition of retirement, she had more time to travel which led to more serious photography. A travel photography workshop with Nevada Wier in 1998 and a subsequent trip to Central Asia with Nevada solidified the interest and the realization that she had a good “camera eye” and works well in color. Color photography is all about the light. Colors are not inherent in objects, in things, but change with the changing light – and light is always changing.

Following the move to North River, New York in 1996 and space planned for photography activities, Elise developed a line of photo note cards of images taken in the Adirondack Park, travels in the USA and abroad. Community slide shows and print exhibits followed. Countries visited for the purpose of photography included: Iceland, India, China, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Ecuador, Jordan, Turkey and the Central Asia countries of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Along with Woody Widlund, her soul mate and life partner, Elise is a founding member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association).

The digital Canon camera has replaced film with stunning results. Computer software has opened new doors to new visual interpretation as well as bright reality in images. This is an exciting time to be photographing. Canvas printing leads to new methods of image presentation. With a move to Vermont in 2012, new vistas open as well.

woody widlund

Woody Widlund

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Woody is most interested in photographing ordinary people doing everyday things – the daily story of their lives. He prefers to establish a relationship with the subject, working in close, in natural light, waiting patiently till he has become part of the background for his subject.

Woody has been photographing since he purloined his mother’s Kodak box camera and had to wait a whole week before Brown’s Drug Store received another delivery of the little scalloped edge B & W prints. Next came the Ansco 35 mm. At age 27 he made the huge leap to a Ricoh 35mm with a 35 – 105 zoom lens. What an advance! Woody traveled to the Far East a great deal on business, and developed a “cultural reportage”, B & W style of photography that he practices today.

Woody and his wife, Elise, are very fortunate in their mutual enjoyment of photography. They travel the byways of the US, and have been extremely fortunate to travel with a small group of photographers to visit indigenous peoples living in traditional ways in the nations of Southeast Asia.